Can Portable Air Conditioners Be Used Outside?

A portable air conditioning unit is a great cooling solution to bring a fresh and comfortable feel to single rooms like garages, dens, or bedrooms. Also, it can assist a central AC system that is struggling with a few issues.

Due to its compact design, it is easy to carry a portable air conditioner from rooms to rooms. But have you ever tried using it outside to cool your patio at your birthday party or enjoy the fresh air in a barbecue? Keep reading to find out if this idea is possible and how you can do that.

What Is A Portable Air Conditioner?

As the name implies, a portable air conditioner or PAC is basically a self-contained system that is used for cooling separate spaces. It usually sits on the floor and comes with a set of installation kit for a quick setup. Many units are also equipped with wheels so that you could move them easily to different rooms in your house, making them a great alternative to a window air conditioner.

How Do Portable Air Conditioners Work?

A portable air conditioner basically works in the same way as a fridge. It sucks in humid and warm air, then dehumidifies and cools it to blow back to the room. This process occurs through a duct or hose that is connected to your window to vent heated or warm air from the inside. While these units are relatively affordable and flexible, they aren’t actually efficient and can produce noisy sounds during the operation.

Some people think that the installation process can be complicated when they see the exhaust hoses on a portable air conditioner. However, it is quite straightforward to set up and use. So if you want a quick solution to cool your home in the summer, there is no option better than these units.

Can Portable Air Conditioners Be Used Outside?

In most cases, a portable air conditioner should be positioned on a hard and level floor which is at least 8 to 12 inches away from other obstructions like flowers or furniture. However, if you have a small patio or organize a birthday party in the backyard, it is possible to place the unit outside to provide cooling relief for your outdoor space.

Basically, it will suck in all the warm air in the surrounding areas, then transform it into cool air and spread to the whole area. However, you need to choose those models that come with a powerful engine to ensure that it can work efficiently in an open space. And keep in mind that, you have to pay more money on the electricity bills since your portable air conditioner must work harder to produce the desired temperature.

4 Main Types Of Portable Air Conditioners

In general, your options for the kind of portable air conditioner are relatively simple: using either 1 or 2 exhaust hoses and cooled either by water or air.

a. Air-cooled PAC

This is the most popular type of portable air conditioner available on the market with a variety of options and products to choose from. They typically come with air hoses or vents to remove the heated air from your room. Compared to water-cooled models, it is much quicker to set up these units since they only require electricity to run. However, air-cooled AC units are usually larger and consume more energy.

b. Water-cooled PAC

Water-cooled units remove the warm air through water lines instead of air hoses. Since they require both electrical and water supply, it often takes more time and effort to set up these models. Though they are relatively costly, their compact designs and energy efficiency can help offset your investment over time.

c. Single hose PAC

Smaller models only use one hose to carry the air in and out of your living space and the air conditioner. Obviously, this can make them more affordable and smaller.

d. Double hose PAC

A large and powerful portable air conditioner typically has a double hose design as it needs to handle more air. One hose will direct warm air away from the cooled area, while the other will pull in extra air to run the unit. Keep in mind that you need to prepare an opening for both of these hoses.

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