How To Get Rid Of Smoke Smell In The House

Did you know that smoke odour is one of the toughest smells to remove even with a ton of sprays and fresheners? Forget second-hand cigarette smoke that lasts for only a few minutes. The real culprit that is an absolute stinker is third-hand smoke. But what exactly makes smoke so darn hard to get rid off?

Here’s the science behind it. Cigarette, marijuana, barbeque or any other source of smoke from an open fire seeks out and permeates all the fabrics, clothing and carpeting in your home. The smoke leaves behind a stubborn film that clings tightly and creates a strong odour.

This film will always be present on most surfaces of a smoker’s home such as ceilings, carpets, walls and even dust. In fact, when you step into the house of a habitual smoker, third-hand smoke is what creates a stuffy and uninhabitable environment.

Strange enough, even smokers agree that this putrid, lingering smell is best eliminated, especially when non-smokers and kids are living under the same roof. As you already know, smoke residue contains plenty of harmful carcinogens, heavy metals, toluene, acetone, ammonia, formaldehyde and even radioactive substances.

Spraying perfume and air fresheners only work as a temporary mask that fades away long before the smoke dissipates. Fortunately, there are a number of solutions that could help deal with the smoke odour more efficiently. Here’s how to get rid of smoke smell in house.

how to get rid of smoke smell in house

1. Clean The Air

Getting as much of that clean and fresh air in as possible is a crucial first step for healthy living. Therefore, make sure you open all windows and even doors where possible to allow for optimum ventilation.

Now, while the difference will not be immediately noticeable, the quality of air should improve over time. This allows the trapped resin and tar particles to circulate out of the house and allow fresh air particles in.

Remember, it’s just the beginning; you’ll have to do move to other techniques if this one is too slow.

Deodorising/ Activated Charcoal

This may seem a tad counter-intuitive for most people, but charcoal contains an innate ability to naturally purify both air and water too.

The good news is that you won’t even have to put a lot of effort. Just put the deodorizing charcoal in a few bowls and place them strategically all over your home.

Make sure the smoking room has about a dozen of these. You can also use decorative pots to liven up the house with functional art.

Old Newspapers

Old newspapers are also very effective at absorbing the smelly, smoky odour thanks o the newsprint itself. Try crumpling a few balls in cupboards or spreading them at places where they won’t be easy to spot. After about two days, you should notice a difference in the air.

2. Clean The House

Wash All Fabric With Detergents

From the carpets and upholstery to duvets and curtains; all these items are likely habitats for tar and resin from smoke. If they are exposed, you can be sure that they have an invisible film of smelly residue.

Like many other homeowners, you may think that the items do not smell because your nose has gotten used to the smell and can’t distinguish it. Wash or dry clean all these items and after they dry, you can choose to either use them immediately or store them to avoid repeating the process.

Use Bleach Or Vinegar On Non Fabric Surfaces

They work on other stains and messes; why not try them out on around your house? Vinegar and bleach do very well to break up tar and resin films that are stuck to your furniture and most surfaces in your house.

Sure, the smell of vinegar and fresh bleach will definitely be off-putting at first, but unlike nasty smoke odours, they die down with time.

3. Buy An Air Purifier

philips air purifier review

Philips AC3256/30

While all the above methods are great for eliminating smoke odours from your home, they all take time and can seem much slower than they really are. If you live in a home where someone is always smoking, it might be time to take things to the next level.

Getting an air purifier for your home will not only make the air smell much better but also improve the quality and breathability of the air in your home. Families with kids and other inhabitants can benefit more from better air all day and night without having to open windows.

Unlike most of the above methods, smoke air purifiers are actually built to suck in large amounts of air, pass it through a filtration system that removes dust, tar, resin and other smoke particles and then circulate it as clean, fresh and odour free air.


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