How To Prepare Your House For Summer

Being just a few short weeks away from the much-awaited summer season, most homeowners are looking to give their homes a few changes here and there. But while the sun is shining and the air is fresh, summer brings with it some adverse effects.

Aside from the sweltering temperatures that make you wonder if you’re even in the UK, you can’t expect wildfires, hurricanes, flash floods and an acute bug invasion; however, it’s still good to be prepared for summer.

Now, summer is a glorious time for relaxing, sunning and vacationing. You deserve to enjoy it to the fullest without any worries. So before this year’s summer solstice comes crashing on you with full force, here’s how to prepare your house for summer.

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Home Maintenance and Inspection

how to prepare your house for summer

If you’re planning to prepare your home for summer, the first thing you need to do is carry out a few inspection and maintenance practices. While some will be as easy as DIY, others will require professional services.

Fortunately, most cleaning and maintenance companies in the UK offer significant discounts before and during summer months. Take advantage of their services whenever you can as you prepare by getting the following elements checked out, cleaned and repaired.

#1: Inspect Cooling Units and HVAC

Meteorologists project that this year’s summer will be one of the hottest seasons that the UK has ever seen. As such, homeowners are going to want to make sure that all their air conditioners and cooling equipment works correctly. If you rely on fans, HVAC or any other conditioning to cool your home, then you’ll need to inspect, clean and repair each and every one of them.

Some parts such as filters might have to be replaced. And if your home’s cooling system has vents and other exhausts (unless it’s a portable air conditioner without hose), make sure you clear any debris and dirt around them. For more complex systems, make sure you hire experts to inspect refrigerant levels and make sure all coils and other components are clean and working properly for the upcoming heat wave.

#2: Inspect/Install Roof Flashing and Caulking

Whether it’s sweltering heat or massive rainstorms, your roof is your home’s first line of defence. As such, all aspects of the roof need to be inspected and repaired. This includes the flashing, caulking, shingles, among others.

Ask a roofing expert to examine the continuity of shingles on both the roof planes and well as the ridges. Similarly, homes with flashing on the roof should ensure that it is tight and sealed with an approved roofing sealant. That will really come in extremely handy when the downpours start.

#3: Inspect Door and Window Insulation

While it’s advisable to keep your windows and doors open during summer, some people might advise against it. After all, isn’t that why you have air conditioning in the first place?

Either way, ensuring that your doors and windows are properly insulated will help keep the excessive heat out. For the doors, make sure that the weather stripping is intact and provides a solid seal all around the door. Repair any cracking, peeling or splitting of the insulation early.

Preventative Care

how to prepare your house for heat

#4: Watch the Paint

Painting your home is by far the most efficient preventative preparation you could do. By simply giving your home or fence a fresh coat of paint, you make your house look fresh and ready to tackle any weather.

But it’s not all about the looks; a new coat of paint also helps protect your home from rot and mould. Preventative touch up chores will definitely save you all the money you would have otherwise spent on repairs.

#5: Trim Shrubbery and Overhanging Trees

Since you’ve already called the roofing guys and the air conditioning experts, it’s important not to leave out the gardener too. Neglecting your lawn could be the biggest mistake you make this summer.

If you have large plants, shrubs or even trees near your home, the intense winds and rains can cause them to rub up and ruin your paint. Overhanging branches have also been known to snap and come crashing on roofs. Make sure your landscape is summer proof.

#6: Bug Proof Your House

As you all know, summer is the time when all bugs, insects and other creepy crawlies come alive. From mosquitoes to mites, ants to other biting and equally annoying insects, you can expect a barrage of bugs all over your house.

Make sure that your home is completely insect proof this summer by using screens on your doors and windows as well as other repellents.

#7: Invest in Portable Air Conditioners

No matter how powerful your HVAC system is, there are times when that electricity bill will make you regret it. Why waste a ton of energy trying to cool the entire house when you’re only using just one room at a time? Portable air conditioners not only save you money in terms of electricity bills, but they also allow you to achieve more accurate and efficient cooling wherever you go. They are also safe for you and your family.

Final Word

There you have it; all the tips you will need to survive this year’s insanely hot summer. Not only are you now well equipped to handle everything that summer can throw at you, but these tips will save you a lot of trouble and money in the long run. Make sure you enjoy your summer to the max by preparing your home the right way today.

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