Best Plugin Air Freshener: Yankee Candle Plug

Plugin air fresheners are a convenient and effective way to freshen up your kitchen, living room or your entire home. You simply plug them in, flip a switch and enjoy the relaxing aromas.

If you are tired of having to spray an air freshener every time bad odours start building up, a plugin air freshener is perfect. It diffuses an aroma using electricity, keeping your home feeling and smelling nice all the time.

Yankee Candle is a famous candle brand but many people don’t know they it has also a great plugin air freshener plus 15 different plug refills including baby powder, black cherry and clean cotton.

Read on to learn more in my review.

Yankee Candle Plug Review

What I like

  • Easy to use
  • Will last long
  • Variety of scents available
  • Great brand

What I don’t like

  • Cannot use your own aroma
  •  Design

What Are You Buying?

1. Plug in base unit and 15 scent options

This Yankee Candle air freshener consists of two units. There is the base unit, which is the part that you plug into an electrical outlet. You can use the UK-style plug with any standard home outlet.

Then there is the scent unit. This is a small jar containing 18.5ml of an aromatherapy liquid. The jar plugs into the base unit.

You can choose from 15 different aromas when buying the refill plugs. The most popular ones include Clean Cotton, Red Raspberry, Vanilla Lime, Lemon Lavender and Fresh Cut Roses. Each plug comes with two refills.

With the wide variety of aromas, you can choose your favourite one for a room. You can even get different ones for use in different rooms. Clean Cotton for the bathroom, French Vanilla for the living room and Midnight Jasmine for the bedroom.

2. Strength control

One convenient feature of this plugin is the strength control dial located at the top of the base unit. You can change the strength of the aroma between low and high depending on your preferences and size of the room.

3. 4-6 weeks per plug refill

Each refill lasts fairly long, going for between one and one and a half months before you need to get another one.

To stretch the refill for longer, you can try using it on the low-strength setting though this works best in smaller rooms. Otherwise the aroma will be too mild. You can also switch it off when not in use such as at night or when there is no one at home.

Even if you use it continuously, you can still expect it to last at least one full month.

How Easy Is It To Use?

Once you have the base unit and the refills, you are good to go. No setup is required. Just plug the base unit in a standard outlet, adjust the strength setting and then put in the scent plug. Remember to switch on the outlet for the aroma to start diffusing through the room.

Changing the scent plug takes just a few seconds and doesn’t require any special tools.

The only bit you may find challenging is if you want to refill the empty plug with your own essential oils blend. You’ll have to find a way to remove the wick that plugs into the base unit. But if you don’t want the trouble of refilling the plug yourself, Yankee Candle has a wide variety of refill aroma plugs to choose from.

What Accessories Are Included?

The base unit does not come with any accessories, not even the scent plugs. You have to buy those separately. Each refill pack comes with two plugs.

No other accessories are required for setting up or using the plugin.

Yankee Candle Plug Key Features


  • Easy to use.
  • Scent plugs last long.
  • Wide variety of scents available.


  • Not easy to refill with your own homemade aroma blend.

Anything Else You Should Know

Note that the base unit is sold on its own. You buy the refills separately.

You can easily match your home’s aroma with the season by choosing the perfect scent plug. For summer, Fresh Cut Roses and Lemon Lavender are perfect. For the holiday season, Cinnamon Stick and Vanilla Lime are great.

For an all-year-round homely aroma, Home Sweet Home and Clean Cotton refills are perfect. Feel free to experiment with different aromas until you find the one that matches the season.


Yankee Candle has some of the best air fresheners around ranging from candles to reed diffusers. Their plugin fresheners are perfect for those who want something they will set up and forget. They are easy to use, work really well and come in a dizzying variety of aromas to choose from.

Where To Buy?

Yankee Candle Plug Review
  • Design
  • Awesomeness
  • Ease of Use
  • Lasting Effect


If you are tired of having to spray an air freshener every time bad odours start building up, a plugin air freshener is perfect. Yankee Candle with 15 different plug refills including baby powder, black cherry and clean cotton is one of the best plugin air fresheners.

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