Bionaire Compact Air Purifier With Dual Positioning

In the endless pursuit of improved living standards, Bionaire has come up with innovative technology to help homeowners find a balance between energy efficient homes and clean indoor air. With a five stage filtration process and an advanced cleaning system, the sleek Bionaire air purifier (BAP9240) is committed to improving air quality in indoor environments for purer living conditions.

Bionaire Air Purifier Review

bionaire air purifier review

What I like

  •  Small and light
  •  Dual position feature
  •  Low price tag

What I don’t like

  •  Only for small rooms, low CADR

What Are You Buying?

This attractive air purifier from Bionaire is simply a compact silver device measuring 23 by 33 by 16 cm and weighing in at only 2.6 kilogrammes. The unit has a basic control panel featuring a dial that controls speed settings, a button that regulates the ioniser and another button used to reset the filter indicator light.

With respect to filtration, the Bionaire comes with two filters- a washable pre-filter and a regular HEPA-type filter. A True HEPA filter can also be used but it is not included in the package and therefore should be purchased separately. The manufacturer recommends that the pre-filter be checked and washed after every two weeks while the HEPA-type filter be replaced every six months.

The unit also has a built-in ioniser positioned in one of the air outlets. This means that only half of the air that comes out of the ioniser will be ionised. It is recommended that the ioniser be used in well-ventilated areas to prevent ozone build up. The good thing is that it can be turned on and off independently for efficient purification as and when needed.

Additionally, there is a meaningful amount of activated carbon incorporated in the HEPA-type filter for the removal of tobacco smoke from the air. Put together, the HEPA-type filter and the included carbon filter weigh about 100g. This means that there is only a trivial amount of carbon granules to serve the purification purpose.

  • Technology: HEPA + ioniser
  • Weight: 2.6kg
  • Size: 23 cm x 33 cm x 16 cm
  • CADR: 67 m3/h
  • Coverage: up to 13 m2
  • Auto-off timer: No
  • Remote: No

How Easy Is It To Use?

The Bionaire air purifier is geared towards people suffering from acute allergies caused by dust, pollen, pet dander and mould spores. Its HEPA-type carbon filter is designed specifically to eliminate tobacco smoke in indoor environments. This is made possible by a precise filtration system that is 99% efficient in the removal of particles as tiny as 2 microns and is ideal for rooms up to 26 metres square in size.

Feature wise, the manufacturing quality is basic. Its main material is plastic but it makes for a strong impression. The unit itself is small and light and can, therefore, be easily moved around. Most consumers appreciated the dual positioning feature which allows them to place the purifier on its back to minimize space consumption and also allow for direct airflow in a particular direction.

Regarding noise levels, the Bionaire has three different settings. On setting 1, the sound is significantly low and can be used in a bedroom. However, the noise level increases considerably under settings 2 and 3, and might not be ideal for noise sensitive people. 52 dB is the noise level quoted by the manufacturer.

When it is time to clean the pre-filter filter, a filter indicator will light up. It is advisable to wash the filter in warm soapy water until it is noticeably clean. This should be done after every few weeks. Before placing it back on the grill, you should ensure that it is completely dry.

The only limitation with the purifier has to be the fact that the manufacturer did not provide a replacement filter for the pre-filter mesh. In case the pre-filter becomes worn out, running the unit without it would not be a good idea as this would reduce the lifespan of the main HEPA-type filter. At the same time, the main filter is supposed to be replaced every six months, so this would increase the cost of maintenance.

What Accessories Are Included?

  • An instruction manual
  • An air purifier

Bionaire Air Purifier Key Features


  • It is small and light for portability.
  • It has a dual position feature for convenience.
  • It is relatively cheap.


  • Only for small rooms, low CADR.
  • Requires regular cleaning.

Anything Else You Should Know?

The Bionaire air purifier has been given the Allergy UK Seal of Approval for effective elimination of dust, smoke and pollen.


If you are suffering from constant allergies as a result of these pollutants, then this may be the right air purifier for you. The manufacturer has placed emphasis on the construction of a carbon filter to help eliminate tobacco smoke for improved indoor air quality. In brief, the Bionaire is a low-cost solution for homeowners looking for a machine that can remove a broad range of indoor air contaminants.

Where To Buy?

Bionaire Air Purifier Review
  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • Noise
  • Maintenance
  • Ease of Use


Bionaire Air Purifier, small and light, is low-cost solution for homeowners looking for a machine that can remove a broad range of indoor air contaminants.

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