Delonghi PAC N82 Portable Air Conditioner

Delonghi Pac N82 Review
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The Pinguino PAC N82 is among the smaller models in the Pinguino portable AC range. But despite being an entry level air conditioner, it’s actually more robust, energy efficient and powerful than most other portable units in its class. Users can enjoy a maximum cooling capacity of 9400 BTU which is more than suitable for rooms up to 80 cubic meters.

Air conditioning remains a vital aspect of modern living. Unfortunately, the high installation and maintenance costs coupled with unnecessarily steep power bills make central heating less attractive by the day.

Featuring a portable, stylish design, easy setup, eco-friendly tech and low noise emissions, the Delonghi Pac N82 Air Conditioner offers efficient temperature control without any installation hassles.

Is it silent enough? How does it compare to other air conditioning units on the UK market? Read on to learn in my review.

Delonghi PAC N82 Portable Air Conditioner Review

What I like

  • Beautiful design
  • Limited noise and low energy consumption
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Very effective

What I don’t like

  • Vent hose is a bit short
  • Inital smell

What Are You Buying?

Introducing the baby of the Delonghi portable AC range, the aptly named Pinguino Pac N82 is a relatively small unit that offers energy efficient temperature control. The unit features the typical, classic Delonghi design with a focus on environmentally friendly features.

This is evident from the refrigerant used all the way to top tier energy ratings. But it’s not all about good looks and tree hugging. As diminutive as the N82 may seem, it puts up a decent effort to live up to the brand name.

For starters, this portable air conditioner racks up a powerful 2.4kW cooling capacity – that’s 9400 BTU. Now, given that the largest unit in the Delonghi portable range delivers around 11,000 BTU/h, N82s maximum cooling capacity doesn’t seem all that bad; especially since we’re talking about domestic cooling.

And speaking of cooling, the PAC N82 makes use of a refrigerant gas known as R290 which is almost 700 times kinder to the environment that regular refrigerant.

Delonghi also included the latest in technology to make the N82 as effective as it is eco-friendly. Some of the features worth mentioning include a dehumidifying function with an exclusive condensate recirculation system.

This air to air technology allows the N82 to run a high performing AC even in its compact size. And as the only portable range of ACs to feature real feel technology, the N82 is able to analyze the environment and automatically provide an ideal mix of temperature and humidity.

How Easy Is It to Use?

Like the rest of the portable Delonghi AC range, the N82 is incredibly easy to use. It comes with all parts included and setting her up only takes a few minutes – no tools required. And since it’s among the smallest of the portable conditioners, it really didn’t take up much space.

One of the features that makes it more user friendly is the digital control. Thanks to a comfort light indicator, users can easily understand what level the AC is working on. Orange means seeking comfort, green means good levels while blue translates to perfect comfort levels.

Delonghi also packed in unique technology that is supposed to assure low noise emissions in both minimum speed and regular working more. But at 52 dB, I’ve known bigger portable AC units that were much quieter. It gets even louder as you cycle through the three different fan speed settings. However, it’s not really loud enough to disrupt your sleep at night.

Speaking of night, the N82 has a 12h electronic timer with a thermostat so the unit can shut down when the room temperature becomes desirable. The unit comes with handles and castors for easy transportation from room to room.

What Accessories Are Included?

Once you make your purchase, you can expect the following items in the box:

  • Delonghi Pac n82 Portable Air Conditioner
  • Vent pipe
  • Manual

Most people who buy the N82 or any portable air conditioner also tend to buy universal window seals as well as a venting duct hose extension kit.

Delonghi Pac N82 Key Features


  • Beautiful design
  • Class A low energy consumption and low noise emissions
  • Very effective
  • R290 refrigerant gas is 696 times more environmentally friendly


  • Supplied vent hose is a bit short
  • Unpleasant initial off-gassing smell

Anything Else You Should Know

Delonghi has gained a reputation for sparing no expense when manufacturing their products. This also includes innovating unique technologies that make their AC units stand out from the rest. Currently, Pinguino is the only portable AC range to feature the latest in cooling technology. The N82 combines real feel and air to air technology to deliver superior cooling.

The real feel tech allows the N82 to analyze and process the environment so as to provide ideal conditions for both humidity and temperature. This smart cooling creates maximum comfort levels in whatever room you’re cooling. But this doesn’t mean that your power bills will go through the roof. On the contrary; the Pinguino N82 boasts of an A class energy rating which means more cooling for less energy.


Stylish, user friendly and crammed with the latest in cooling technology, the Pinguino N82 from Delonghi offers efficient cooling without having to worry about installation hassles. The unit is designed to set up in minutes with all parts included and no tools required. With features like comfort level indication and a build in dehumidifier, this particular unit delivers comfort and convenience without compromise.

But what really makes the Delonghi N82 stand out are its eco-friendly features. Delonghi made use of an ecological natural refrigerant gas known as Propane R290. Not only does this gas emit absolutely zero greenhouse emissions, but it’s about 700 times kinder to the environment. If you’re looking for a portable AC that will keep you cool, save you money and help conserve our planet while at it, the Pinguino N82 is just what you need.

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