EcoAir ARTICA Cooling Portable Air Conditioning Unit Review

Thanks to today’s ever-evolving technologies, air conditioning units are becoming more portable and versatile. Not only do modern units offer cool, refreshing air, they also have the means to purify and dehumidify your air making it colder and more breathable.

The EcoAir ARTICA Cooling Portable Air Conditioning Unit boasts of all these features and more aimed at improving comfort and saving energy. We’ve done the hard yards to find out how the unit performs and what people are saying about it; here’s what we found out.

EcoAir ARTICA Review

EcoAir ARTICA review


What I like

  • Extremely energy efficient
  • 3 in 1 functions
  • Cooling capacity
  • Remote control

What I don’t like

  •  Quite heavy
  •  A bit noisy for some

What Are You Buying?

I always say that to gain a better understanding of any product; you have to know your brand first. For a while now, EcoAir has been producing some of the most popular innovations and appliances.

With the UK’s hot summers, the brand has been focused on a way to keep your indoor air crisp, fresh, clean and healthy. This is where the EcoAir ARTICA Cooling Portable Air Conditioning Unit comes in handy.

This portable AC is one of EcoAir’s highly mobile cooling solutions and delivers quite the punch. Keeping akin with its Artica nature, this model boasts of the standard 8000 BTU/Hr cooling capacity that we have all come to expect from the brand.

The Artica utilizes a bucketless, self-evaporating system that is designed for quick and easy setup. Apart from just cooling your indoor air, this Portable Air Conditioning Unit also incorporates an air filtration system that removes all the unwanted dust particles such as dust and debris.

This means that people with allergies have something to look forward to. If you’re into energy saving, then we have to mention how efficient this unit is.

The icing on the cake is the dehumidifier that actually sucks up a litre of atmospheric water every hour. With a class A rating for energy efficiency, you can use your portable ac all year round without having to pay too much.

How Easy Is It To Use?

Straight from the get go, we could tell that the EcoAir ARTICA Air Conditioning Unit was made to be as user-friendly as possible.

However, the manufacturers slipped up in the design more than once. Sure, it’s quite remarkable that the conditioner cools, cleans and dehumidifies your air; but at the high price, I’d expect you’ve already paid for all that.

But we did enjoy the simple, interactive control panel that is very easy to operate. Starting from the left, you have the fan control button that lets you select through several cooling settings and speeds.

The fan function is designed to cool down a room up to 20 sq metres and a conservatory size of 16 sq meters. The next button sets the sleep function while the on and off butting is smack in the middle of the control panel.

To the right of the on button is the timer function that lets you set the time and finally there’s the mode button that cycle’s through several modes. Above these buttons is the large and clear LED display that shows you exactly what’s going on.

However, all the entire control panel might just be rendered useless by the nifty remote control which aside from letting you control everything from the couch, it also includes a display screen so you can monitor the heat and moisture levels.

What Accessories Are Included?

Upon making your purchase, you should find the following items in the box:

  • EcoAir ARTICA Cooling Portable Air Conditioning Unit
  • Remote control
  • Exhaust hose assembly
  • Continuous drainage bottom

EcoAir ARTICA Cooling Portable Air Conditioning Unit


  • Extremely energy efficient thanks to Class A rating
  • 3 in 1 functions for cooling, cleaning, and dehumidifying air
  • Great cooling capacity
  • Wireless remote with own display screen


  • At 24.5 Kg, the Artica is quite a hefty unit, but it’s much lighter than its predecessors
  • Some customers have claimed that the unit is noisy and may hit 63 decibels

Anything Else You Should Know

While the Artica conditioner is packed with attractive features, we still have to fault EcoAir for assuming everyone enjoys making holes and laying pipes all over the house. The first venting system you will have to put up is the exhaust hose assembly to vent the build up of warm air from your unit to the outside.

As if that wasn’t enough, there’s no collection tank on the unit. This means that you have to either drain the water to a sink or make more holes in your house to accommodate the continuous drain pipe to the outdoors.


Versatile, smaller, lighter and very user-friendly, the EcoAir ARTICA Cooling Portable Air Conditioning Unit truly lives up to its name as a great addition to small and medium households. If you’re looking for something that will work hard all year round and not put a dent in your power bills, then this is it right here.

Where To Buy?

EcoAir ARTICA Review
  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • Noise
  • Maintenance
  • Ease of Use


Not only the EcoAir ARTICA Cooling Portable Air Conditioning Unit offers cool, refreshing air, but also it has the means to purify and dehumidify your air making it colder and more breathable. In addition, it is aimed at improving comfort and saving energy.

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