Review Of UK’s Favourite EcoAir DD122 Simple Desiccant Dehumidifier

Reigning on as UK’s most popular air dehumidifier for years on end, desiccant dehumidifiers offer uniqueness and convenience like none other. These dehumidifiers control atmospheric water levels using a non-toxic, absorbent desiccant known as Zeolite.

Like most people, you probably want something smaller, quieter and lighter that the compressor dehumidifiers; that is precisely what the EcoAir DD122 Simple Desiccant Dehumidifier offers.

EcoAir DD122 Dehumidifier Review

ecoair dd122

EcoAir DD122

What I like

  •  Quick control of humidity
  • Rotary humidistat
  • Lightweight and compact
  •  As quiet as a dehumidifier can get

What I don’t like

  • Dials and switches are basic
  •  Not the newest product

What Are You Buying?

Somehow managing to retain the title of UK’s best-selling dehumidifier for some time now, the EcoAir DD122 is a simple, perfect solution to colder and damper environments. This particular model may not be as fancy or packed with features like other EcoAir dehumidifiers, but it is for this same reason that the EcoAir DD122 Dehumidifier is super affordable.

Now, before I get into what you don’t get, I think it’s only fair to be thankful for what you do. To start off, the EcoAir DD122 Dehumidifier comes with an average extraction rate of about 7 litres of water per day. Not only can this bad boy enhance the air quality of a room, but it also dries wet items in your home with a fair degree of efficiency.

Whether it is drying laundry indoors, property after a flood leak, condensation, boats or basements where the temperatures tend to drop drastically, this unit does it all. Do you experience frequent power failures? Not to worry, with the auto restart function, even power failures can’t slow this unit down.

All this humidity has to go somewhere, right? The Simple EcoAir DD122 Desiccant Dehumidifier incorporates and easy-slide 2-litre water tank conveniently positioned at the side like a desk drawer. Since the reservoir comes off quickly, there’s no need to lug around the entire dehumidifier when it gets full.

The tank is fully covered by a lid and has a handle for easier, spill-free emptying. In fact, there is an exciting feature that makes it possible to never do any heavy lifting. With the optional, one meter, continuous hose, you can directly drain the water to an outlet.

One of the things that especially drew my attention was the Anti Tilt protection feature. I noticed that due to the DD122’s slim, rectangular shape, it was quite easy to tip over at the slightest bump. Fortunately, the anti-tilt protection powers off the unit in the event of a fall to avoid hazards.

How Easy Is It To Use?

When you see the word simple in the title of a humidifier, you would expect everything to be really easy to use. Now, granted that most features are super easy to comprehend, the manual control panel might require a thorough reading of the instruction booklet.

Glancing at the control panel, there are just two switches and two lights. One of the switches controls humidity level while the other manages fan speed. The main thing is the rotary switch in the middle that really seems to pack a lot of functions. But once you get the hang of it, things get really simple.

Of course, since the EcoAir DD122 Simple Desiccant Dehumidifier only clears 7 litres a day, you might need to move it from place to place. EcoAir already thought of this and made significant consideration of the portability. Not only is this bad boy super light at only 6 Kg, but it is also equipped with a collapsible handle that makes carrying it a breeze.

Speaking of breeze, the EcoAir DD122 Simple Desiccant Dehumidifier can barely be heard when in operation. This particular unit is among the quietest in the market due to lack of refrigerant compressors.

What Accessories Are Included?

Upon making the purchase, you should find the following items in the box:

  • 1 EcoAir DD122 Simple Desiccant Dehumidifier
  • Continuous drainage pipe

EcoAir DD122 Dehumidifier Key Features


  • Rapid, quick control of humidity
  • Rotary humidistat for easier operation
  • Lightweight, compact and as quiet as a dehumidifier can get


  • Dials and switches are pretty basic

Anything Else You Should Know

When you hear simple in an EcoAir Dehumidifier, it is important to understand exactly what that means. In the case of the DD122, simple implies that the model lacks an ionizer, has an analogue control panel, no timer function, and no automatic louver settings. However, simple also means you get the same high standards of quality at much lower prices that the higher end models.


To sum it all up, what the EcoAir DD122 Simple Desiccant Dehumidifier lacks in features and prowess is more than made up for by its power, competence, and incredibly quiet operation. If you stepped into the store looking for something with all the bells and whistles, you might be more interested in the higher end EcoAir models.

However, if you want something smaller, reliable and with an uncanny ability to do the job even in freezing environments, then the EcoAir DD122 Simple Desiccant Dehumidifier is right there with the best of them.

Where To Buy?

EcoAir DD122 Dehumidifier Review
  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • Noise
  • Maintenance
  • Ease of Use


EcoAir DD122 may not be as fancy or packed with features like other EcoAir dehumidifiers, but it is for this same reason that the EcoAir DD122 Dehumidifier is super affordable.

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