EcoAir Hybrid Dehumidifier/Air Purifier Review

EcoAir Hybrid Review
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The Ecoair Hybrid is one of the best home dehumidifiers around. It draws in a surprisingly large amount of water from the air (up to 20 litres a day), purifies the air and is really easy to use.

The EcoAir Hybrid is a 2-in-1 dehumidifier and air purifier. It reduces excess moisture in the air while also eliminating allergens like dust, mould and pollen.

A large 4-litre tank holds several hours’ worth of moisture and there’s a tank full indicator to tell you when it’s time to drain it. Other handy features include a timer, a mode for drying clothes and a fragrance box.

Read on to learn more in my review.

EcoAir Hybrid Dehumidifier/Air Purifier Review

What I like

  • Easy to install and use
  • Dehumidification and purification
  • Dedicated laundry mode
  • Reliable brand

What I don’t like

  • No wheels
  • Fragrance box not very effective

What Are You Buying?

1. 2-in-1 Dehumidifier and Purifier

The Ecoair Hybrid provides both dehumidification and purification of indoor air.

The dehumidifier function (Dry Mode) reduces the amount of moisture in the air. This improves air quality and prevents the development of mould and harmful bacteria.

There are three performance levels of the dry mode: low, medium and high. You can set a specific one using the buttons on the control panel.

The collected moisture is collected in a large 4-litre tank. When it’s full – which takes quite a while – an indicator will come on letting you know it’s time to empty the water. The tank has a handle for easy carrying and emptying.

If you don’t want to keep emptying the tank by hand, you can also set up a drain pipe that continuously drains water from the tank.

The purifier function uses a 5-stage air purification process to eliminate allergens like dust and pollen as well as VOCs and odours. This includes a 3-in-1 charcoal, silver nano and anti-allergy filter as well as an ioniser.

2. Auto-humidifier

The Ecoair is equipped with a humidity sensor that constantly measures the amount of moisture in the air. Depending on the readings, it increases or decreases performance.

This saves energy because the dehumidifier only runs at the highest performance level when necessary and saves energy when the level of humidity goes down.

3. Laundry Mode and Timer

A dehumidifier is great for drying laundry in winter. The Ecoair Hybrid has a dedicated laundry mode. Turn it on and your laundry will be dry and crispy in just a few hours.

There is a handy timer function that you can use to set the dehumidifier running for a specific period of time. Time options are 2, 4, 8 and 12 hours.

You can also use the timer when running the dehumidifier overnight. Just select your preferred run time and it will automatically switch off after the selected number of hours.

4. Integrated Fragrance Box

One of the unique features of the Ecoair Hybrid is the integrated fragrance box. Here you can add a few drops of your favourite essential oil and the fragrance will be dispersed around the room by the dehumidifier.

How Easy Is It To Use?

The Ecoair Hybrid is a simple plug-and-play dehumidifier and air purifier. The only bit of work involved is emptying the water. The tank has a convenient carry handle that makes it easy to carry and empty it without spilling the water.

You can also connect a drain pipe and you’ll never have to empty the tank again.

There is no remote control so you have to use the control panel at the top of the unit. It is well laid out with buttons for the timer, dehumidifier, air vents and dry/laundry/purify modes. There are also status indicators for a full tank, auto-defrost and current humidity level.

What Accessories Are Included?

The Ecoair hybrid comes with a 3-in-1 filter for air purification and a small fragrance box where you can add your own essential oil to release a nice fragrance into the air. No other accessories are included nor do you need to buy any to use this dehumidifier.

EcoAir Hybrid Key Features


  • Easy to install and use.
  • Combined dehumidification and purification functions.
  • Dedicated laundry mode.


  • No wheels so moving it from one room to another is a bit difficult.
  • Fragrance box not very effective.

Anything Else You Should Know?

As I mentioned, you can opt to connect a drain pipe rather than empty the tank every time it fills up.

To find the drain plug, unscrew the back cover and then connect a drain pipe. Make sure the pipe slopes downward so that the water can drain by gravity. You can drain the water into a floor drain or container on the floor.


The Ecoair Hybrid is one of the best home dehumidifiers around. It draws in a surprisingly large amount of water from the air (up to 20 litres a day), purifies the air and is really easy to use.

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