Where To Place An Air Purifier In A Room?

There are a surprising amount of rules as to where you should place your air purifier. You’d think you could just pace it wherever and it’d be fine, right? Well, actually, there are better and worse places for your purifier. Read on to learn more on where to place an air purifier in a room.

Where Should An Air Purifier Be Placed In A Room?

Where should an air purifier be placed in a room
  • You should place it where the air quality is worst. This may not be instantly obvious, but if you have a place in the house where mould grows, or it is damp, you should place your air purifier right there.
  • If there is a place in your house that smell bad, this is another area that is probably calling out for a purifier.
  • Check out where your allergies get set off. If you find you get a stuffy nose the second you get into bed, you should definitely place your air purifier in this room.
  • Air purifiers need to be placed between 3 and 5 feet off the ground. This way you can purify both the currents of air that circulate vertically, as well as those that move horizontally.
  • If you live in a city, or you like to keep your windows open a lot, you should place your air purifier by the open window. The incoming air will contain pollutants – especially if you live by a busy road.

Does It Matter Where You Place An Air Purifier?

Correct placement of your air purifier can increase its effectiveness no end. If it placed in a corner, it will barely have any effect at all, whereas if you place it correctly it will clean your air – and your airways – much more effectively.

  1. You should never place your air purifier in a corner. It will not be able to perform to its best capacity in this position.
  2. Avoid putting obstacles in front of your purifier. Anything in front of the purifier will impede the air flow and stop it from working so well.
  3. Like all of us, an air purifier needs space to be able to perform correctly. Allow it some space all to itself and it will reward you!
  4. Your air purifier should not be placed in the bathroom or the kitchen, because these areas have a higher level of humidity that can affect the filters of your purifier.
  5. Place your purifier away from electronic devices, such as the TV, microwave or stereo. These devices can affect the performance of your purifier.

This handy video will show you the best place to site your air purifier:

Which Way Should An Air Purifier Face?

Your purifier should face into the source of the biggest air contaminants. If, for example, you are worried about outside pollution coming into the house, place your purifier near the door, so it can catch particles before they reach your living space.

You should face it away from the area you are trying to purify; if you want to keep your bedroom as pure as pure can be, place your purifier facing away from the entrance to your room.

It won’t do very well facing an open window or door. This means it would be working extra hard, trying to filter out contaminants while they just keep pouring in – not the best way to treat your air purifier!

Air purifiers do not play well with other small electrical items, so you should avoid placing it near your TV,  stereo or microwave for best results.

Is It OK To Leave Air Purifier On All Night?

Yes. You don’t have to worry if you forget to switch it off, or if you like the idea that it is running all the time, removing atmospheric pollution from your home while you sleep.

As long as your purifier is one of the type that has a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter, it is definitely safe to be left on 24/7. This type of purifier will overheat or cause any problems if it is left to run while you’re out or asleep.

When you first get your filter, you will probably want to run it on a high setting, to make the most of its air cleaning properties. Once you have got your air cleanliness levels where you want them, you can run it at a lower setting.

Is It Expensive To Run An Air Purifier?

Thankfully, because you will want to use it often, or leave it on permanently, it is not costly to run an air purifier. They don’t generally go higher than 100W, and you can run them on a 10-30W setting to save you even more.

Some air purifiers have automatic shut off settings, and some you can control with WiFi even if you are not home, so you can keep an eye on how much electricity is being used.

Based on using it 24 hours a day and the most recent electricity running costs, it is estimated that an air purifier will cost you between 10 – 30p per day, running constantly.

In case you were wondering about the reasons as to why an air purifier can be so helpful, here is a link to some advice from the NHS.

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