Did you know that out of all the elements that make up the atmosphere, moisture content is the most vulnerable to even the slightest variation in temperature?

Ideally, every homeowner wants the atmospheric water to be between 30 to 50 percent. This range is where a conducive environment thrives for inhabitants.

However, due to an array of different circumstances, most homes, offices, and buildings are lucky to have half this amount; what with the soaring temperatures outside and hefty heaters inside butchering quality of your indoor air.

Nothing feels worse than spending hours in dry, harsh and mutilated air. Your skin gets scaly and dry, lips start getting chapped, nose clogs up, and don’t even get me started on how much it can devastate your breathing system.

People with various respiratory issues such as asthma and allergies are also more likely to experience an attack if the air is dry and inhospitable.

Our story

After years of trying to control my severe asthma attacks, I got fed up with the constant vigilance, unending medication and all the cumbersome bills that were racking up. I began looking for more innovative, effective and superior solutions that wouldn’t dig too deep into my shallow pockets.

Today, we stand tall as the most trusted indoor air quality magazine for homes, offices, hospitals nurseries, gyms and any other establishment in need of better air. What makes us giants in the field is that we deal with every aspect of your indoor air to make sure you and your family are both comfortable and protected from the adverse effects of bad air.

In addition to helping with the humidity, we also work on the temperature, air purity as well as freshness too. We have served the good people diligently for years and will continue to do so for you to rest easy with the knowledge that we show you the best air quality enhancing products and services on the market.

Our mission and vision

While the importance of optimum humidity levels is quite evident, most people take it for granted and barely pay any attention to it. However, people with skin conditions, asthma, allergies or little children who are susceptible to harsh air suffer more than the average person.

Our mission is to connect customers with products that will help improve every aspect of their lives and alleviate suffering where possible. At the cusp of the 21st century; nobody should have to tolerate cruel air conditions or rudimentary solutions.

Thanks to technological advent, an ingenious team of experts and years of first-hand experience, we aim to make the world a better place to live in by starting with the very first breath you take.

If you want to break the shackles of dry, horrid air and alleviate an array of symptoms associated with it, check out the products that we have reviewed for you. You can also ask any questions, leave a comment or even share your story; we’re always here to lend a helping hand.

– Sam Ellis, Editor-in-chief