Does A Cool Mist Humidifier Make The Room Cold?

A humidifier is a great device to help you keep a healthy level of humidity in moisture-deprived offices or houses. It can add moisture to your living or working space using either cool or warm mist technologies.

Due to its safety and efficiency, most homeowners tend to choose cool mist humidifiers for use in their home. But despite its widespread popularity, many people still wonder if this type of humidifier can “cool” a room as its name suggests. Let’s find out the answer.

What Is A Cool Mist Humidifier?

A standard cool mist humidifier comes with a refillable water reservoir and a diaphragm which can vibrate to break down water into mist or a fan which can blow cool air into the room.

Basically, it uses a built-in wick filter to take in water in the space, and the fan will blow the air via the filter. This procedure causes the water or moisture to evaporate all over your room as an invisible and ultra-fine mist.

It is usually preferred to most warm mist units because it is simple to clean, works for a large space, and more affordable to buy.

Also, many parents usually go for cool mist humidifiers because they can help avoid common accidents with heated water in children’s bedrooms, nurseries, or other areas where a curious finger might find them.

However, it does require some maintenance on a regular basis, so make sure to purchase a model that makes this task much easier. Otherwise, it can result in bacteria and mold in the water tank, which would eventually make the air it blows harmful instead of helpful.

Does A Cool Mist Humidifier Make The Room Cold?

The answer is yes: a cool mist humidifier might cool your room and make you feel a little bit chiller.

Basically, it is able to distribute a comfortable amount of moisture or mist, which is at room temperature, into the whole space. Even though the spread moisture isn’t exactly cool moisture, it might still reduce the temperature in your room a few degrees than usual. If you put your hand before the humidifier, it is easy to feel its coldness due to the stream of produced vapor.

In general, it seems like a cool mist humidifier works quite similar to an evaporative air conditioner in which it blows dry air across the water to cause evaporation. As a result, the hot flows of air will be transformed into moisture and lower the temperature in your room.

Kinds Of Cool Mist Humidifier

Basically, there are two main types of cool mist humidifier:

a. Evaporative cool mist humidifier

This is the most popular type of cool mist humidifier because it can last for years and more affordable to purchase. It basically works by having the fan blown the cold water in its filter into the air.

A standard unit typically includes a wick filter which can absorb the water and remove impurities to ensure that the air produced is clean and free of harmful components such as dust, dirt, or pollen particles.

As said earlier, evaporative units require regular cleaning and maintenance to avoid the accumulation of mold and mildew. That’s why it is essential to replace or clean the filter frequently, which can extend its life of service and save you a lot of money in the long term.

Compared to ultrasonic humidifiers, cool mist models often generate loud noises during the operation. Because most of the homeowners tend to keep it in their bedroom, these noises would possibly have an adverse impact on their ability to sleep well during the night.

b. Ultrasonic cool mist humidifier

For those people who find evaporative cool mist humidifiers too noisy and time-consuming to maintain, the ultrasonic units can be a better option. They are typically designed with a diaphragm which can vibrate at high speeds to break water down into the invisible mist.

This means you don’t have to replace the filter. However, it is still necessary to refill the water tank and clean it often. More importantly, they are much quieter during the operation and consume less energy than an evaporative humidifier.

The main drawback of this type is it can also produce dust and spread it along with mist throughout your room. Also, it is only ideal for use in a small or medium-sized large.


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