Poweradd Ultrasonic Air Humidifier And Essential Oil Diffuser

Whether you have asthma, allergies, sensitive skin or just want to enjoy better air quality, technology comes to the rescue once again. I have been living with respiratory complications and allergies for years and started using humidifiers at a young age.

Moving from the much larger humidifiers that saw my health significantly improve, I now use a much smaller but very effective version. Here’s my belated review of the Poweradd Ultrasonic Humidifier and Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser.

Poweradd Air Humidifier Review

poweradd air humidifier

Poweradd Air Humidifier

What I like

  • 7 different LED colours
  • Small and user-friendly
  •  Functions can be used separately
  • 4 different timer settings

What I don’t like

  •  Too small tank
  •  Metallic look

What Are You Buying?

The Poweradd Humidifier is a small, futuristic looking water vaporiser that also diffuses essential oils into the air to improve its quality and keep dust and allergens at bay. As opposed to flame based diffusers that use direct heating methods, the Poweradd utilises the innate power of ultrasonic technology to vaporise water and oil into a very fine haze, spreading it far and wide in any room.

At 5 inches tall with a 100 ml capacity water tank, it’s pretty small as compared to others I’ve used, but it’s great if you just need about 5 hours or less of high mist. This particular product packs quite a punch and functions as an air purifier, an essential oil diffuser, humidifier, mood-light and I think it even has an ionizer.

With the built-in LED mood light off, the Poweradd Humidifier has a sleek silver exterior that makes it look almost metallic. But once you get the light on, the options are incredibly versatile. This petite humidifier has a translucent body that illuminates into an array of colours such as green, red, yellow, white. You can use the settings to choose a combination of all colours or settle on your favourite. In addition, users can opt to dim the light a bit further down or shut it completely off.

How Easy Is It To Use?

Straight from the get-go, it was very easy to learn how to use the Poweradd Ultrasonic Air Humidifier and Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser. Once you open the neatly packaged box, you get an adapter, manual and measuring cup that helps you use the product better.

The Poweradd humidifier is basically an inverted plastic beaker that comes undone at the top to reveal a 100 ml water tank. Simply measure the amount with your measuring cup, mix it with any preferred blend of essential oils, fill it and replace the cone top back.

Once you’re all set to go, the control panel contains two buttons that are clearly indicated as light and mist control. Here, you can set the mist to be released at intervals of 30 minutes, an hour, two or even three hours. For insomniacs, the mood light works wonders and can even be used independently.

When the water runs out, an automatic off switch terminates the vaporizer but still leaves the lights on for the young ones and people who have trouble sleeping. Thanks to its small size, the Poweradd Humidifier is incredibly silent, giving off only a soothing purr from the fan.

What Accessories Are Included?

Upon unraveling the attractive packaging, you should find the following items in the box.

  • 1 Poweradd Ultrasonic Air Humidifier and Essential Oil Diffuser
  • UK Plug adapter with cord (184 cm)
  • Users manual
  • Measuring cup

Normally, people don’t just keep 100% essential oils in the house; that’s why I ordered Bliss Organic Essential Oils and the Respiratory Blend of Ovvio Oils Inhale to complement the purchase.

Poweradd Air Humidifier Key Features


  • 7 ambience colour changing LED lamps
  • 4 different timer settings for mist
  • Automatic shut-down switch when water runs dry
  • Small and user-friendly


  • The small sized tank means more refills per use

Anything Else You Should Know

Unlike most of the humidifiers that I come across, the Poweradd Humidifier stands out with a unique ability to separate features. Not only can you use the vaporiser independently, but you can also decide to have only the mood light on all night without any water in the tank.


If you have asthma or allergies, the last thing you want is a dry and stuffy environment. The Poweradd Ultrasonic Air Humidifier and Essential Oil Diffuser is ideal for treating the air in a room immediately you walk into it.

While Insomniacs and light sleepers will enjoy the multiple settings for the LED lighting, people who like sleeping with a humidifier on might have to look for a bigger vaporiser. All in all, it’s kind of nice to find a product that actually does what it says in the instructions.

Where To Buy?

Amazon UK: > Click here for today’s price

Poweradd Air Humidifier Review
  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • Noise
  • Maintenance
  • Ease of Use


The Poweradd Air Humidifier is a small, futuristic looking water vaporiser that also diffuses essential oils into the air to improve its quality and keep dust and allergens at bay.

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