5 Benefits Of Sleeping With An Air Purifier

Having clean air in our living space isn’t only important, but it is essential to everyone. However, it can be challenging to ensure that due to constant pollution and degradation, especially in large cities. The cleanest environment can still be full with visible or invisible dirt and particles that would be harmful to your health.

Fortunately, the creation of air purifiers has made it easier for homeowners to reduce the concentration of pollutants and other toxic components in the air. With a compact design and many advanced features, these units can be placed anywhere in your home to create an ideal space for living, sleeping, and enjoying.

Here are 5 important benefits of sleeping with air purifier that you need to know before choosing one for your needs.

1. Eliminate common allergens in the air

The most important benefit of sleeping with an air purifier is that you can have a fresh and clean environment that is completely free of allergens such as dust mites, dander, pollen, or tobacco smoke.

For those people with allergies, this means they won’t be triggered by these elements before, during, and after a sleep at night.

Ensuring clean air is especially important if you have kids because their lungs are still in the developing process. This means they have higher respiratory rates than us and might take in more air in each breath.

If their sleeping room is filled with harmful particles like tobacco smoke or even radon, it might lead to serious health issues later. Keep in mind that the elderly might be also at a higher risk of suffering dementia if being exposed to cigarette smoke frequently.

2. Produce calming sound for easier sleep

In addition to cleaning the air, an air purifier can also generate a calming sound that makes it easier for you to fall asleep.

Although it is quite normal for most machines to make some noises, there are a variety of air purifier models, especially those on the higher end, can produce such a soothing and soft sound which can almost hum you to sleep.

These sounds can be compared with the calming winds on the mountain or ocean waves, which most of us often find relaxing and engaging.

3. Improve your mood

Thanks to the clean and fresh air that the air conditioner can create in your bedroom, you can become happier and less agitated, as well as keep a more positive temper and mood.

This might sound surprising, but many studies have proved that an air purifier with ionizers can generate “negative ions, which are responsible for reducing depression and boosting happiness. As a result, your mood levels or depression due to a change in weather conditions will be improved.

4. Reduce stress

It has been showed that those people who take in the clean air tend to be less stressful than those who take in polluted air. When you sleep in a room with an air purifier, the levels of cortisol in your body will be reduced.

Since this hormone is mainly released at times of stress, this reduction will make you feel more relaxed during the night. Also, living in a purified area can help you live a happy life because you won’t have to worry about any hazardous particles in the air or any serious illnesses caused by these conditions.

5. Protect the elderly and children from respiratory illnesses

Those people who spend most of their time indoors such as the elderly, babies or children are most affected by common indoor pollutants. Everything can be even worse if you are suffering from a type of cardiovascular or respiratory disease.

Since the respiratory system of your babies and children hasn’t developed fully yet, they will be at the highest risk of taking in air pollutants as contaminated air usually comes closer to the ground because of its density. The similar is true for senior citizens when they are more susceptible to any allergic components in the air.

In worse cases, breathing harmful toxics or chemicals for an extended period can significantly reduce their life expectancy. That’s why it is essential to equip the rooms of these people with a high-quality air purifier to ensure the best health condition and avoid common respiratory illnesses.


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