Review Of The TROTEC Dehumidifier TTK 69 E Dehumidifier

In any household, laundry and general cleaning activities often leave the air saturated with moisture. Sure, electric dryers are really expensive, and hanging your clothes outside is never really a wise option. Also, rugs and carpets tend to trap and collect moisture. If not remedied, this situation could lead to severe furniture damage due to dampness.

Whether in your house or office, the TROTEC Dehumidifier TTK 69 E Dehumidifier is packed with interesting features and comes highly recommend.

TROTEC Dehumidifier Review

trotec dehumidifier review

TROTEC Dehumidifier

What I like

  •  Sturdy and modern design
  •  Great list of features
  • Automated fan operation
  •  Competitive pricing

What I don’t like

  • Weight
  •  Larger size

What Are You Buying?

Beautiful, elegant, massive and very well built, the TROTEC Dehumidifier boasts of a sleek and modern design that stands out in a crowd. If you haven’t seen this eye catcher, all you need to know is that is just might be one of the most complete and well-rounded dehumidifiers on the market. With a very long list of desirable features and competitive pricing, Trotec makes it extremely hard to find any faults or shortcomings.

This massive dehumidifier can suck an astounding 20 litres of water from the air every day. I don’t know about you, but that’s a whole lot more than some people use in their homes. With real-value humidity selection, a piano finish head panel with integrated display and a warning indicator for alerting you when the tank fills up, this bad boy does it all.

However, with the huge 4-litre water collection tank, you won’t be making that many trips to the sink. Alternatively, you could go with the optional continuous drainage pipe for a more permanent solution.

Incorporating an airflow rate of up to 130 cubic meters per hour, the gigantic TROTEC Dehumidifier TTK 69 E Dehumidifier has settings that guarantee short work of your laundry. Next to the silent setting for night operation, there’s the extra mode for drying your laundry fresh off the wash.

Thanks to a three stage adjustable fan, this particular unit can be configured to your preferences. I also credit the machines incredible size and outstanding power reserves that work well in large and small rooms as well.

How Easy Is It to Use?

For something so large and with such a well-designed exterior, the TROTEC Dehumidifier TTK 69 E Dehumidifier is extremely easy to comprehend. If it weren’t for all the messy details and new features, some people would not even need a user’s manual. Fully equipped with all you would expect to find in a top of the line dehumidifier, the TROTEC Dehumidifier combines a futuristic design with simplicity.

Starting off from the left on the organised control panel is the fan speed setting that allows you to choose how much power you want. Next in line is the button that controls the operation mode. Users can select from the smart, permanent mode to let the dehumidifier do its thing or go directly to the drying laundry setting for maximum power and performance.

On a lower note, the TROTEC Dehumidifier measures 21 by 34 by 57 centimetres and weights a whopping 14kg. This makes it a very large, hefty unit that is not fun at all to move around. Fortunately, Trotec was light years ahead, and users are super grateful for the inclusion of wheels.

This way, all you have to do is grab the handle and wheel this beast to whichever room you want. The face also has an eye-catching digital display that shows the exact humidity levels and monitors them as they drop.

What Accessories Are Included?

Upon purchasing this huge humidifier, you should find the following items in the box:

  • 1 TROTEC Dehumidifier TTK 69 E Dehumidifier

It is always great to take this chance and order for a few additional items with your initial purchase. To complement my purchase, I ordered for the Liroyal LCD digital temperature humidity meter thermometer.

TROTEC Dehumidifier Key Features


  • Sturdy and great looking design that stands out in a crowd
  • Long list of great features
  • Very competitive pricing


  • Weights 14kg, which can discourage a lot of people in smaller flats
  • Larger size

Anything Else You Should Know?

While the TROTEC TTK 69 E Dehumidifier has a 4-litre collection tank, a continuous drip pipe is always the better option. Granted that Trotec has not been left behind and have allowed for the installation of a pipe, I have no idea why they make you go through all that trouble to install it.

For some reason, you have to open a side flap, bust out the screwdrivers and detach the plastic cover, remove the rubber washer, replace with a spout that also needs to be screwed in, then slide in the pipe and a particular angle.


Aside from the minor drain pipe issue, the TROTEC Dehumidifier TTK 69 E Dehumidifier is a unit that can actually hold its own. For homeowners who are seriously fed up with musty and damp conditions and are ready to deal with the quandary once and for all, this right here is the ultimate solution to excessive humidity. With claims of superior performance and the features to back this up, the TROTEC TTK 69 E Dehumidifier could very well be the only dehumidifier you will ever need.

Where To Buy?

TROTEC Dehumidifier Review
  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • Noise
  • Maintenance
  • Ease of Use


Beautiful, elegant and very well built, the TROTEC Dehumidifier is one of the most complete and well-rounded dehumidifiers on the market with a long list of desirable features.

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