AEG 12000 BTU ChillFlex Pro Portable Air Conditioner Review

If you are looking for an easy, effective and efficient way to cool a large room, we recommend the AEG 12000 BTU ChillFlex Pro portable air conditioner. 

The ChillFlex Pro portable AC is easy to set up and you can easily move it from room to room. It comes with multiple features and settings, including fan and dehumidification modes, making it a highly versatile air conditioner.  

Read on for our full review of the ChillFlex Pro, including its best features as well as its limitations.  

AEG 12000 BTU ChillFlex Pro Portable Air Conditioner

AEG 12000 BTU ChillFlex Pro Portable Air Conditioner review

What Are You Buying?

1. 12,000 BTU Portable AC 

A 12,000 BTU portable AC is quite powerful. The AEG ChillFlex Pro can easily cool a medium to large size room of up to 30 square meters. It’s perfect for a large living room (including spacious open plan living rooms), bedroom, home office or any other large room. 

2. Easy to Set Up and Move

One of the biggest advantages of portable ACs over central and window air conditioners is their portability. 

Unlike other types of air conditioners, a portable AC doesn’t require permanent installation. The ChillFlex Pro comes with an exhaust kit that you attach to your window to exhaust warm moist air outdoors. 

The exhaust kit takes a few minutes to set up and is just as quick and easy to remove from the window. That means you can move the ChillFlex Pro to whatever room you want to cool. Using it in the living room during the day, move it to your home office when working and set it up in your bedroom to sleep cool. 

No other type of air conditioner offers this level of flexibility. 

3. Auto-Swing Louvre for Better Cooling

To ensure even cooling, the ChillFlex Pro has an automatic swing function that works in a similar way to an oscillating fan. 

When the air conditioner is turned on, press the swing button on the control panel or the remote control. The vent or louver at the top of the air conditioner – where the cool air comes out from – will swing up and down to spread out cool air more evenly. 

This provides faster cooling and is ideal when you first turn on the AC and need to cool a room quickly. 

4. Energy-Saving Auto Mode

One of the must-have features to look for when you are shopping for a portable air conditioner is auto mode. It makes the AC a lot easier to operate and it saves energy. 

When you select auto mode on the ChillFlex Pro, it automatically chooses the best mode depending on the current temperature and the temperature you had set. 

Say you want to cool your bedroom down to 18C. Select that temperature using the control panel or remote then select auto mode. The ChillFlex Pro will get into cooling mode until an internal sensor measures a temperature of 18C. 

The AC will then maintain that temperature by alternating between fan-only mode (which uses less power) and cooling mode. It also adjusts fan speed automatically depending on how much cooling is needed. 

Auto mode saves you the hassle of constantly switching between different modes or adjusting fan speed. Just set your preferred temperature and forget it. Because the AC compressor is not active, you also save on electricity. 

5. Versatile Modes

In addition to the auto mode, the AEG ChillFlex Pro portable AC has a few more modes. 

  • Cooling mode – select this when you want to cool a room. Note that you must set up the exhaust kit to use cooling mode, otherwise the AC will exhaust warm air right back into the room. 
  • Fan mode – in this mode, the ChillFlex Pro works like a regular fan. It just moves the air around, which can be enough to keep you cool in mildly warm weather. You can adjust fan speed to your preference. Note that you don’t need the exhaust kit when in fan mode. 
  • Dry mode – the ChillFlex Pro also doubles up as a dehumidifier, which helps make the room more comfortable. In dry mode, it removes excess moisture from indoor air. You don’t need to use the exhaust kit, but you may need to use the included drain hose to drain away the condensate. 
  • Sleep mode – In sleep mode, the ChillFlex Pro automatically adjusts temperature and fan speed to create a comfortable sleep environment. 

Note that the AEG doesn’t have a heating mode. If you want a portable AC that also heats a room, look for a portable air conditioner with a heat pump. 

6. Timer 

You can set the ChillFlex Pro to automatically start or stop. This is handy if you want the AC to shut down after you’ve slept or start up when you are not around (e.g. just before you get home or if your pet is at home). 

You can set the timer to delay startup or shutdown by up to 24 hours.  

7. Low Noise

While not as quiet as a window unit, the ChillFlex Pro runs fairly quietly. At its max performance, the noise level is at around 64dB(A). 

You can reduce fan speed to further lower the noise level, especially when you go to sleep.   

8. Full Feature Remote Control 

The AEG ChillFlex Pro has one of the best remote controls we have seen in a portable air conditioner. It is a full feature remote control complete with a display. All the features and settings available on the control panel are also on the remote control. 

These include all the various modes, temperature adjustment, swing function and so on. With the built-in screen, you can see exactly what temperature or setting you have selected. 

That means that once you turn on the AC you can use just the remote control to adjust various settings without having to get up. 

How Easy Is It To Set Up and Use?

Setting up the ChillFlex Pro is a straightforward process. Position the appliance close to the window and then connect the exhaust hose using the adapters included. One adapter attaches the hose to the back of the unit and the other wedges the hose through the window opening. 

The ChillFlex Pro doesn’t come with a seal to fully block the window around the hose, so some warm air tends to blow back inside and reduce the efficiency of the AC. We highly recommend getting a universal window seal and using it along with the AC. It will make cooling faster and more efficient. 

Once you set up the ChillFlex Pro, it’s easy to use it. The buttons on the control panel are well labeled and the manual clearly explains each function. You can also use the included remote control. 

As we mentioned earlier, a portable AC lets you move it from room to room. You can quickly take down the window kit and set it up in another room. Keep in mind, however, that the ChillFlex Pro is quite heavy at 33kg. So it can be a bit tedious to move it around. But it comes with handles and castors to make the process a bit easier.  

What Accessories Are Included?

You will receive the main AC unit, a window exhaust kit with two adapters, a drain hose, a remote control and two AAA batteries for the remote. 

You don’t need any other accessories to use the ChillFlex Pro, but we highly recommend getting the universal window seal.  


  • Powerful cooling performance – great for larger rooms. 
  • Easy to set up and operate. 
  • Portable. 
  • Versatile modes and settings including fan and dehumidification. 
  • Full feature remote control. 


  • It’s heavy and can be tedious to move around frequently. 
  • Doesn’t come with a window seal. You have to get it separately.

Anything Else You Should Know?

Can you use the AEG 12000 BTU ChillFlex Pro portable AC in a smaller room? 

Yes, you can but we do not recommend it for rooms smaller than 20 sqm. It is too powerful for small rooms and you will be wasting energy. It will also be too noisy. You are better off getting a smaller 6,000 to 10,000 BTU portable air conditioner. 

On the same note, do not use it for rooms larger than the recommended 30sqm. It will struggle to cool an extra-large room and it will not run as efficiently. Upgrade to a more powerful 14,000 BTU portable AC.


The 12000 BTU AEG ChillFlex Pro is one of the best portable air conditioners for cooling medium to large rooms. Despite having tons of cool and useful features, it is easy to operate and we especially love the remote control that’s included with the AC. 

It would have been nice if the AC came with a window seal, but you can order it separately so don’t let that stop you from buying the ChillFlex Pro. 


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