How To Quiet A Portable Air Conditioner?

You are not alone – many people complain about noise coming out of their AC unit. So is there a way how to quiet a portable air conditioner?

Why Is My Portable AC Making A Loud Noise?

Why is my portable AC making a loud noise

Portable air conditioners use a fan to help them work, so the noise that you hear – whether it is a low hum or a constant, irritating noise – is because of this.

The constant low hum is just the normal sound of an AC unit; you can try to muffle this sound with some of the tips below. However, if it is making sudden alarming noises that weren’t there before, you should probably investigate further!

If you are noticing more, or extra loud noises such as clunking or banging from your portable AC unit, it may mean that it has broken or malfunctioning parts.

You shouldn’t try to fix this yourself unless you are a qualified engineer – an amateur with a screwdriver often does more harm than good!

If your AC unit is still under warranty and it starts making unusual noises, take it back to where you bought it for a refund or to get it fixed. If it is not under warranty then you might have to call in an engineer.

How Do I Reduce The Noise In My Portable Air Conditioner?

How do I reduce the noise in my portable air conditioner

Thankfully, there are many ways to keep your AC unit quiet, which will not affect its performance.

  • Wrap it with a blanket. This will still allow the cool air to filter through, but with much less of the irritating noise of the fan working.
  • Place it on a carpet or rug. The loud noise will be lessened if the AC unit is placed on a surface that will muffle the sound.
  • Use an anti vibration pad. These are fairly easy to come by, and are often used to reduce the sound from large electrical items.
  • Try running it at lower levels. Some units make a louder noise when they are running on a higher setting, so you could try turning it down a bit.

How Can I Make My Air Conditioner Quieter?

AC units are noisy, there’s no question about that. How do you choose between being cool and comfortable,and being able to sleep or hold a conversation? Well, with the below hacks you will no longer have to choose!

The first thing you need to do is pick your location. AC units need to be sitting on a level surface, because if the levels of liquid inside are shifting about this will make it harder for your AC unit to work effectively.

If moving your AC unit doesn’t do the trick, you could consider fencing it in as if it were a wild animal! Using plyboard, construct a fence around it, leaving no gaps between the boards that will allow noise to escape.

On the internet, you can find sound blankets that can mask the noise from any loud electrical item. You could consider one of these for your antisocial AC!

You can also consider the placement of your AC unit. If it is far away from your living and sleeping areas, you will notice the noise much less. Also, try to avoid placing it near walls or other surfaces that can reflect noise.

It might be worth cleaning your AC unit, particularly if you have had it a long time. You may find that there is a build up of dust or particulate, which is affecting the running of the motor.

For those who like visual instructions, here is a little video on how to quieten your portable AC unit:

Are All Portable Air Conditioners Noisy?

Most air conditioning units will make a bit of noise. There is not much you can do about this; it is just how they work! But before you give up the search completely, have a look into how you can find the quietest one you can.

Sadly, we get what we pay for in this life, and if you buy a cheap unit you will probably find that it makes more noise than a more expensive version.

We’re not saying you have to spend your life savings on keeping cool, but forking out a little extra may make all the difference to your quality of life – you can be cool, and free of irritating noise, all at the same time.

There are, as you can see,  many ways to make your portable AC unit quieter, so have a go at some of the above hacks and see if you can make your AC unit run in a more acceptable way!

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